Monday, December 19, 2011

[just for fun] meghan & mike

Oh goody! I have been waiting a very long time to post these pics!! Our bestest friends came for a visit in November, and we did a photo-shoot just for fun (and for their holiday cards- which is why I had to wait to post!). Crissie (my sister) and Meghan have been best friends for nearly 20 years up at our summer cottage in northern Michigan (and elsewhere too, obviously). Mike joined our summer family just a few years ago but we like him too. Their frequent visits (all the way from DC) usually include some type of terrifying new experience for me, as Mike loves to try new things. I don't. But I have been improving and now I LOVE dim sum. Not so sure about Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse... but maybe I'll get there someday. 

Either way, season's greeting from our dear besties for life, Meghan & Mike. If only you two lived closer. But I suppose DC ---> NYC isn't SO bad. 

 I believe this reaction is to Louis (Crisise's pup) doing something funny, but I don't remember. 
 It was SO MUCH FUN shooting a couple I knew so well. They were totally comfortable to be them... which is weird. They are definitely weirdos. I think I captured it perfectly :)

 Not sure what's going on here...
 I love Mike's jump. Like a pencil dive.

 It was difficult to get them both to smile at once. One of them would always try to mess up the picture... 

 See what I mean? ;)
 And yes, this is Mike pretending to attack Meghan with a pitchfork. 

Louis was there, too! 

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  1. Oh gross - Louis needs to have his teeth brushed.